Ressence | Type 5X

Ressence has always been an innovative brand, pushing the envelope in terms of design and function. With the release of its Collection X, Ressence has demonstrated that it is still moving forward, innovating and changing the way we experience watches. The Ressence Type 5X Collection X is the perfect watch for any car enthusiast. This limited edition collection celebrates the first 10 years of the Ressence brand and is inspired by the Automobili Amos Lancia Delta Futurista. Each of the four watches in the collection features a unique dark olive-green color and is limited to 40 pieces. The Collection X watches are designed to help drivers better utilize time, with a focus on the passage of time. The speed-loving racing driver, eclectic collector, Eugenio Amos, is the perfect ambassador for the Collection X. As the creator of the Automobili Amos Lancia Delta Futurista, Amos is an Italian man of many passions – as long as they are related to cars and watches. The Collection X watches are powered by Ressence’s patented electronic crown, the e-Crown. The e-Crown is a revolutionary new technology that allows the watches to be self-winding and self-adjusting. The e-Crown is able to automatically set the time and date, and even reset the watches to the correct time after traveling to a different time zone. The Collection X watches are the perfect addition to any car or watch enthusiast’s collection. Order your watch today!