Petermann Bédat | 1967 Second Series

In 2020, watchmakers Gael Petermann and Florian Bedat caused a stir with the release of their first model a three hand watch named 1967. The name paid homage to the year in which the first quartz movement was created. While their timepiece was not powered by a battery, it did share one feature with its modern counterpart the seconds hand made jumps in full steps instead of sweeping smoothly across the dial. Like the original 1967 Dead Beat Second, this Series is limited to 25 pieces and features a 39mm grade 5 Titanium case with a bright blue semiopen dial. What makes this Series unique, however, is the addition of an elaborate dead beat second mechanism and bridge, which is visible from the sapphirecrystal caseback. With the recent resurgence of mechanical watches, it’s no surprise that watchmakers are coming up with new ways to make these timepieces stand out. Petermann Bédat has certainly done this with their first in-house watch, the 1967 Second Series. Watch enthusiasts will be delighted by all the features of this limited edition series including its intricate dead beat second mechanism and bridge. If you’re looking for a stylish wristwatch that is not only different but also beautiful then look no further than the 1967 Second Series.