MB&F | LMX Titanium Green

The LMX is a new watch from the Legacy Machine Collection by MB&F. The X in the name indicates 10 years of this collection and it represents a meeting point for both the first and second decade of timepieces. It has two independent dials that can be set for either hours or minutes independently, something not usually available with dual time zone watches. Both dials are tilted at an angles which adds complexity to their design because energy must be transferred between horizontal and vertical planes due to conical gears. The LMX has a number of technical features, such as the battleaxeshaped escapement bridge and a new 13.4mm balance wheel with inertia blocks. There are three large wheels that can be seen, two which move when setting time and one for seconds at six oclock. Other refinements include polished arms of straight bridges exposed on the dial plate and manually finished so they have curved profiles called bercés. The hour and minute markers are positioned on opposite sides of a hemisphere, one framed by an arched scale numbered 1 to 7, another with a scale showing days of week. These two markers can be rotated to change the orientation of the power reserve indication. The LMX is a wonderful example of the Legacy Machine Collection and is sure to be a collector‘s item.