Kurono Tokyo | Chronograph II

This 38mm columnwheel chronograph is perfect for the modern gentleman, with its refined and sophisticated design language that takes Art Deco sensibilities to the next level. The dial features contrasting layers of gloss black and dark brown as its base, accentuated with a copper tachymeter and silver chronograph scale at its center and circumference respectively. The central design feature of the watch is the unusual placement of the tachymeter scale closer to the center of the dial, intersecting with the elapsed time and seconds subdials at3 and9‘. The new chronograph retains the key elements of Kurono‘s highpolished steel case and hands, as well as its unique boxsapphire watch glass that leverages its higher refractive and magnification performance for enhanced lightplay. Chronograph 2 was designed with lightplay in mind by blending dark dial elements with metallic copper and silver scales, you can really see the beauty of this timepiece come to life under different lighting conditions. At3 and9 are contrasting elapsed time and seconds subdials respectively, finished in a concentric guilloche pattern, with the elapsedtime subdial at9 set with a uniquely designed highpolished subhand in the shape of a traditional Japanesekyudo arrow. The principles of kyudo archery are sometimes summarised astruth, goodness, and beauty‘, where truth relates to shooting with a pure mind, goodness to a person‘s character, beauty to gracefulness, and the refined etiquette of kyudo. If you‘re looking for an exceptional chronograph that showcases Japan‘s mastery over horology craftsmanship, look no further than Kurono‘s Chronograph II.