Franck Dubarry | Crazy Wheel

Franck Dubarry is a luxury watch company that makes sports watches with attention to detail. The Franck Dubarry Crazy Wheel watch is a new timepiece from the design house. The innovative materials and advanced production techniques have been used to create this 43mm timepiece which has an open architecture with plates and bridges decorated in beautiful Cotes de Geneve & Perlage. There are also some intricate details throughout the dial such as its 31 day date display, rotating hour counter that remains attached to the minute hand and a case back engraved with images of Franck Dubarry‘s diverse range of flora. From hightech materials like titanium grade 5, Kevlar, elastogator straps through to futuristic ideas like a 360° rotating module, these watches are made for hyperactive individuals or sports fans who need their watch on 24/7.”