Backes & Strauss | Piccadilly King Tourbillon

For those who have been patiently waiting for the next chapter of Backes & Strauss dedication to excellence in timekeeping, your wait is over. The Piccadilly 45 King Tourbillon marks the third generation of their bespoke tourbillion watches and it is undeniably a masterpiece. All aspects of this revolutionary watch have been meticulously designed with precision from its motherofpearl dial set with 7 baguette cut emeralds acting as hour markers and 138 white Ideal Cut diamonds to its open back case which displays its mechanical rotor adorned with London‘s iconic skyline. This timepiece also features 204 white diamond settings, all hand selected for their luminescent properties that are displayed beautifully through the contoured curves on its white gold case. What you get when you combine master stone setters and polishers along with master watchmakers dedicated to creating perfection? You get watches like this one, only made possible by passion for mathematical precision.